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The Girls-in-ICT Empowerment programme is designed to equip women in the Niger Delta with relevant 21stcentury skills and a chance to use these skills to solve real issues within their communities.

We hope to reach out periodically to more women through workshops, we also hope to introduce and grow the number of women in ICT, by offering immersive training in:

  • ICT
  • Business
  • Life Skills

This is our contribution to breaking the digital divide as women empowerment is key to overcoming these barriers and by extension a possible way to reduce unemployment (especially within the region).


  1. We intend to initiate the pilot phase 30 women on a 4-week immersive training using the following methods:
    • Practical/Simulative Sessions
    • Case Studies
    • Team Work
    • Projects
    • Seminars
  2. The training will hold 3 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday) for three weeks and the last week of the month will be an intensive week of 5 training days. Each day will consist of 3, 90-minute sessions with a 30-minute break in-between sessions.
  3. Certificate of participation will be given (FocusHub + Sponsors) at the end of the program to each participant.
  4. As soon as the program begins, the participants will be encouraged to select a class representative, a class code name as well as a class project, they are expected to solve a real issue in the Niger Delta area using the skills they have acquired during the sessions.


    • To technically equip 1000 women in the next 5years with the digital skills they would require for the changing business environment.
    • It is estimated that over 150 persons will be directly impacted economically while another 600 persons will be indirectly impacted in the first 6 months of graduation.


International Girls-In-ICT Day 2014 & 2015
Since 2011, International Girls in ICT Day has been celebrated in 150 countries around the world with more than 5,200 events and participation of over 176,000 girls and young women.
This event was organized and celebrated by FocusHub Nigeria in Port Harcourt. Last year, we gathered together 40 female participants from the tertiary institutions in Port Harcourt. Thus far, we have raised the interest of over 140 girls in ICT with positive impact.




We at Focus Hub believe that through community partnership we can develop future leaders and innovators who would be advantageously positioned to compete favourably on a global scale.

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