Community Development
This is one of the core programs of FOCUSHUB to support the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Niger Delta region. Through the development of networks, meaningful interactions and exchange between various members of the business and tech community, government and other social change agents, we are creating the required service for communication in the ecosystem to strengthen and develop the right entrepreneurship culture among the local youths.
FocusHub offers budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their idea developed and tested before further investment is undertaken. It presents the opportunity to work with experts on an idea and refining the idea to fit with the market conditions and develop a suitable growth plan, after which the entrepreneur would be supported through the funding and implementation stage.
Co-Working Space
We are set to providing a co-working space in Port-Harcourt, fully functional  with features such as internet and printing services, meeting spaces and relaxation areas. The environment is inspiring, especially with the opportunity to work alongside other start-up teams and benefit from having first hand access to affordable service providers and our events and training offers.
Consulting and Research
We have a team of experts and a dedicated research team, thus FocusHub is an ideal partner for entrepreneurship projects. For research projects in Nigeria, especially the Niger Delta on areas in ICT4D, we are able to contribute our expertise and develop applicable solutions when required. Contact us for further discussion.
To develop winning businesses, we need educated founders and staff. The local economy needs entrepreneurship, and if people are better trained on how to run their businesses, the chances of survival and success increases. FocusHub offers training opportunities for entrepreneurs, these include business planning, opportunity assessment,  strategy development, people management and customer service skills. This program focuses on equipping entrepreneurs with the skillset they need to win in business.


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